How to fix Acrylic Tanks and Equipment

We in the past have really only loved Glass tanks.  The major reason is that acrylic can scratch so darn easy.  Glass tanks have down sides too however.  They are very heavy and the glass is expensive to get low iron, not to mention the fracture issue with glass can be a severe risk.  We over look all those issues normally because acrylic scratches so easy and makes photographic and visual appearances hard.  Now with that said they have a system to repair acrylic tanks and equipment like sumps and skimmers that is really easy to use with physical manual labor but still easy.  novus scratch kitIt works so well that instead of a glass sump we just purchased a (showed you guys a video not long ago) acrylic sump, acrylic quarantine tank and acrylic mud holder via Synergy Reef.  We plan on scratching it for sure, but now we will have options to repair it. This video by AdvancedReefing shows the product well. They really have done a nice job of presenting this.

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