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Biography of ReefDVMs
In 2004 Molly and I (Ryan) started ReefDVMs.  We strive to help people through chats, blogs, video and media sources free of charge to enjoy, create and inspire the hobby of saltwater aquariums.  We both personally started with typical small fish bowl tanks filled with Minnesota conditioned tap water and goldfish.  Ah yes, a humble beginning many years prior.  Once together we realized our passion and love for the aquarium world.  This started us on the journey of knowledge to discover the excitement, joy and wonder of the world in our oceans.
To date we have had multiple tanks in multiple houses.  Everything from freshwater game fish to African exotics.  We dedicate most, if not all, our current time to the marine side and in particular the reefs.  We love seeing them in our house and are challenged daily to grow and make them better and that is why ReefDVMs is here.
ReefDVMs is a page dedicated to the Marine Aquarium creation and progress as we build our dream reef to share with you all. Feel free to ask questions about our reef, others and yours.
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