Our Reef

We are currently building a new 250-300 gallon system to run between the basement and main level of the house. =) Please click here to see the thread on the new build.

Current setup:

Reef Savvy 150 gal Phantom Ghost Glass Tank
Syngery Reef 60 gal Sump
Vertex 180i Omega Skimmer
Vertex Zeovit Reactor
2 – Iwaki 55RTL Pumps
2 – 7095 Tunze Pumps
AI Vegas and Kessil A360 LEDs
Neptune Apex Controller
RO DI Bulk Reef Supply
40 gal Auto Top System
4 Bulk Reef Supply Dosing Pumps
15 gal Quarrentine Tank


pH 8.1

ALK 11.0, Mg 1300

Ca 455, Temp 78.3

Fulll montipora branching

Current Fish and Invert Stocking:

One Spot Foxface
Oscellaris Clown
Maroon Clown
Three Blue Green Chromis
Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Emerald Crab
Sea Cucumber
Lettuce Sea Slug
Sailfin Tang
Pincushion Urchin
Tuxedo Urchin
Spiney Urchin
Snails, various
Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
Yellow Tip Hermit Crabs
Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs



Trumpet Coral
Kenya Tree Coral
Duncan Colony
Acan Brain Coral Colony
Maze Brain Coral
Birdsnest Coral
Flower Pot Coral
Leather Coral
Mushrooms Blue, Red and Green
Frogspawn Branching Corals
Torch Coral
Hammer Coral
Cabbage Leather Coral
Montipora Branching Coral
Montipora Encrusting Corals
Cauliflower Coral
Cactus Coral
Tongue Coral


Additives for tank health:

Zeobak 5 drops Tues and Sat
Zeostart 0.6 mL daily for carbon source
Calcium, Mg and Alk Balling method nightly by Tropic Marin
Strontium 5 mL Wed by Bulk Reef Supply for coloration
Cyano Clean 12 drops daily to control cyano
Biomate 6 drops Mon
Iodine 3 mL Wed by Bulk Reef Supply for coloration


Monthly duties:

Change 1 liter of Carbon ROX by Bulk Reef Supply monthly
Change 1 liter Zeolites @ 8 weeks
Change 1 cup of A99 by Triton labs monthly
Change 12-15 gallons of water once a month, Tropic Marin Salt



Hanna Alk twice a month
Hanna Ca twice a month
Hanna Phosphate weekly
Hanna Nitrite weekly
Salifert Mg weekly
Salifert K weekly
Apex Neptune for pH, ORP, Salinity, Temp


Feeding chores:

Coral vitalizer 6 drops daily
Spongepower 6 drops daily
Coral Snow 5 mL Mon and Wed
Mysis Shrimp flood tank method once weekly
Pellets in auto feeder daily
Seaweed in clip every other day