Carbon dosing and understanding

For many moons people in the home aquarium field have fought hard to get colors out of SPS corals, keep Nitrites, Nitrates, Phosphorus and Phosphates low and if able feed fish heavily.  The trade had great successes after the invention of the protein skimmer but we still fell short, then comes the all mighty and powerful carbon dosing method.  We are talking zeovit, vodkas, vinegars, sugars, biopellets and in some case live bacteria in production products for our tanks.  We know its very hard to get a handle on this all in one step but some people have put some very good info link out there.  Overview one is very good and the vodka one pretty good.  We think the jury is still out on biopellets and zeovit but they exist with followers also, check them all out and make the best choices for your setups.

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