Incoming Plumbing Parts

“Incoming parts” was the story of today.  While working our other three jobs we managed to get deliveries via UPS, Fed Ex and USPS today.  The shipments from Bulk Reef Supply and Digital aquatics came today.  The planning phase has officially ended and now we begin the first part of the construction phase…ie plumbing.

4-25-13 (4)

We decided due to the large head height of the system and the large sized sump and pumps that it would be best to use the schedule 80 PVC with Gate valves and Cetex valves and for the simple fact that we like the gray pipe look better.  We went with all true unions and have planned for hopefully enough redundant parts and pathways to over come the major possible flooding issues between the floors.  We will keep the videos and pics coming as the project takes place.

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