New sump stand in progress

4-23-13 update:

The new sump is coming and hence we need to plan for its stand.  We discussed a metal stand, but we have to place it in the basement area on concrete.  Since in Minnesota the basement is a cool damp location that might not be the best with saltwater and rust.  Also flat panel steel is very expensive to rest the sump on.  The idea then was to do a wood stand.  

Sump Space Making

Removed a few existing shelves for the new stand to sit right where this older 55 gallon is

The plans were made with wood and when we realized the weight of the 60″ by 16″ by 15″ sump plus the water, live rock, skimmer and all the supplies places about 1/2 ton of weight on the stand.  This caused us to start over the plans for building the wood stand.  This dramatically increased cost and size and soon it was apparent we needed to consider a hybrid option.

Sump Shelving

New 72 long sump shelving after powder coating black

The hybrid plan then developed as follows: take a commercial steel stand for the infrastructure have it powder coated and make sure its rated a ton per shelf.  Then take the wire steel shelves on the commercial stand and replace them with 1 inch MDF Wood and 1/2 inch foam to rest the sump on.  Also then use the rest of the shelves to help redistribute the weight of the pumps and supplies.  We will use four poly rubber pieces to isolate the steel via the concrete to help the legs from rusting also.  We hope to have this ready for install in two weeks and we will keep the pictures coming.

replacing the shelves

Replacing the steel wire shelves with wood


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